6 tips to make your pitch video a hit

by Sep 15, 2016Small Business Tips & Advice

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6 tips to make your funding pitch video a hit

Pitch videos are important to any fund raising page

A key component of any successful crowdfunding or finance pitch is creating a great video that entices potential investors to invest in your business.

In fact, your chances of success are greatly increased if you include a video that can be shared on your fundraising page and on social media.

You don’t have to hire Spielberg or the Cohen brothers to direct, but it is worth investing time and money into something that looks professional – after all your video will represent you and your business.

Whether you’re pitching a debt, equity rewards based P2P/crowdfunding raise we’ve listed six top tips of what to include in your video pitch that will dramatically increase your chances of success.

1)      Keep it short:  2.5 to 3 minutes is ideal – any longer and you risk losing your audience

2)      Introduce yourself and your background: Try not to appear scripted, be relaxed and show your passion for your business. Investors are investing in you just as much as your business so you need to show you are professional and trustworthy.

3)      Make sure you cover the investment highlights, include interest rate, amount you want to raise, the term, repayment terms, security, and whether bonds can be converted into equity at a later date.  Solid facts and figures are just as important as personality.

4)      Explain what it is that your business does. Tell potential investors about any milestones or successes you’ve had so far. Make sure you present your business in a way that’s easy for anyone outside your sector to understand without being patronising. If your proposition is relatively dry, think of ways to make it more inspiring with visuals or animations.

5)      Explain what you plan to use the funds for and how the business will grow as a result of the investment.  Give tangible markers so that investors can understand how you are going to drive the business forward.

6)     Let them know how they can invest: It may seem obvious but you’d be surprised how many people forget this. Make sure you include links to your fundraising page or to the platform that you are raising growth funds on.

Bonus tip – While it is critical to get the tone of your pitch right, equally important is the correct use of multimedia.  Make sure to share your video on the appropriate social channels -ones which your target investor audience are most likely to use. There’s no point promoting on Vine if your audience doesn’t know what Vine is.

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