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CODE Investing is one of the UK’s leading alternative finance marketplaces with a reputation for having some of the highest due diligence standards in the industry. We connect high growth businesses seeking growth capital with institutional investors looking for valuable investment opportunities to fund.


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We Are Investing

We believe in every business we accept, investing directly in companies we help fund.

We don’t just invest time and energy, we often put our own funds into many of the businesses that successfully raise with CODE Investing. It means we take a much more rigorous approach to ensuring that any business on our investment platform is in a strong position to secure the capital needed to grow.

We only promote businesses that we believe have the potential to succeed.

CODE Investing provides registered institutional investors with full access to businesses that pass our selection criteria and make it through our rigorous due diligence process. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals carefully evaluate the businesses that apply for funding with us.

Raise capital with a partner you can trust

Relax in the knowledge that we are committed to your success because it’s in our interest too.

As a leading marketplace for alternative finance, CODE Investing are committed to helping small and medium businesses reach their full potential. We do this by providing businesses with quality expertise and guidance to help secure growth capital.

Your business will benefit from our broad pool of institutional investors, giving you the best possible opportunity to reach your funding goals.

From document preparation, helping demonstrate that your business’s record and plans are credible and verified, to working closely with you to deliver the most effective marketing strategies; we have the tools your business needs to achieve your funding goals.

Business Bootcamp

Our Business Bootcamp sets us apart from the competition. We work hard to ensure that the companies we choose are in the best possible shape, primed and ready to be presented to our established network of investors.

We always look for the following traits in any company we vet:

Businesses must have an established customer base


The business must have an established customer base, demonstrated proof of concept, and reached revenue and cash flow milestones.

As a leading alternative finance platform our due diligence processes are key


We scrutinise valuations, income projections, contracts, market analysis and more, so we can honestly say we have checked and verified the details.

Leadership is an important element for an SME to succeed


Every successful business has strong leadership. We believe this is essential in not only running the business but attracting serious investors.

What is needed to be a success on our alternative finance platform


Every business that we support and invest in must look to raise a proportion of the funds they require through their own network before they can enrol on our renowned Business Bootcamp.

Our team examines each company based on verifiable result


We believe in supporting businesses that can demonstrate they have a strong prospect of providing a return to investors. Our highly experienced team evaluates every opportunity that comes our way based on verifiable results.

Our Services

What is needed to be a success on our alternative finance platform

Lending Service

Our core lending service offers a number of debt instruments through which businesses can raise capital, chief of which are bonds, asset-backed loans, and convertible loan notes.

CODE Investing works individually with each business to determine its best approach to the market. We then tailor an offering using one or more of these instruments to best support that approach.

What is needed to be a success on our alternative finance platform


Our “Platform-As-A-Service” allows those businesses looking to execute their fund raise on our platform to take control of their capital raising activities. We ensure all the regulatory boxes are ticked, develop the required documentation and manage the execution, while the businesses control the campaign.

Contact us if you’re interested in using our platform as a service.

What is needed to be a success on our alternative finance platform

Introduction Service

With our strong heritage and experience in alternative finance we have developed a robust network of smart institutional investors and intermediaries.

Our Introduction Service connects qualified, high growth businesses to these investors.

Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about our introduction service.

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