About Us

CODE Investing is one of the UK’s leading alternative finance marketplaces with a reputation for having some of the highest due diligence standards in the industry. We connect businesses seeking debt finance with a broad range of traditional and non-traditional lenders looking to invest in the SME business and real estate market.


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* percentage of businesses that successfully secured finance on our site 2016

Commited to your success

We help businesses secure the right finance with the right lenders.

As a leading marketplace for debt finance, CODE Investing is committed to helping small and medium businesses reach their full potential. We do this by matching businesses with lenders based on an alignment of lending criteria.

With CODE, business owners and intermediaries gain access to a broad pool of traditional and non-traditional lenders, which makes finding the right finance a much quicker, pain-free process.

From identifying potential lenders and providing due diligence guidance, to document preparation; our team provide the support you need to get the business loan you want. Our proprietary technology performs the preliminary checks so that we can focus on finding the best financial match for your business.

Lend to businesses that match your criteria

CODE Investing provides our lenders with full access to businesses that pass our selection criteria and make it through our rigorous due diligence process. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals carefully evaluate businesses that apply for finance with us, giving CODE lenders access to SME-level returns without the full administrative burdon.

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