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Securing Finance through CODE Investing

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Why business owners choose CODE

Tom Harman,

Director of HAB Housing

“We’re keen to engage with wider communities in all we do, including financing, alternative finance is the perfect way of achieving those things. CODE Investing had a refreshing and flexible approach to professionally supporting the opportunity, they offered us a supportive and responsive platform that helped it be a success”

Financed £2,407,000.00

Ian Kellett

CEO of Hambledon

“We wanted to work with a partner who understood our ambition and CODE Investing, with its strong mix of investor types, was the perfect fit.”

Financed £3,500,804.00

Ed Marley-Shaw

CEO of Clearwell Capital Group

“The key reason we chose CODE Investing is their great track record, and because of their focus on debt. We really wanted to go forward with a marketplace that has a good success rate in this area of alternative finance.”

Financed £448,000.00

Funding options

Whether it’s re-financing, increasing production, expansion or consolidating, we can help you secure the right finance from the right lenders.

Your finance options:




 Mini-bonds, raising funds directly from the public

Ideally your business should have:

 Capital requirement of between £500,000 and £20,000,000

 Revenue in excess of £1,000,000

Up-to-date accounts


Your finance options:

Property debt



Ideally your project should:

 Require funding of £500,000 or more

 Demonstrate experience or expertise in real estate

 Have planning permission already in place

 Be supported by a development appraisal if it’s a development


Why use CODE Investing

CODE Investing Onboarding to secure business finance

CODE Investing onboarding

We help you prepare your proposal, so it is more easily understood and better received by lenders.
Secure business finance with our lenders

Access to our lender marketplace

CODE Investing fosters strong relationships with a broad range of lenders, some previously not accessible to SMEs. Our network of lenders includes traditional investment and commercial banks, debt, pension and institutional funds, leading asset managers and specialist lenders.
Cost & time efficient business finance

Cost and time-efficient

Our efficient processes and standardised contracts speed up the approach to lenders and securing of finance for your business or project.
Transparency securing business finance

Transparency and flexibility

Our processes are transparent and straightforward. Our structured approach allows us to work individually with each business to determine the best approach, and to tailor an offering for you.

The CODE Investing process

business finance Loan process


You or your advisor input basic details online.


Our matching engine identifies potential lenders for your business needs.


Our Onboarding Team helps you develop your proposal and guide you through the due diligence process.


We share your proposal and our due diligence report with matching lenders and work closely with all parties to find the best finance option. Our team work alongside you and your chosen lender through to completion.

Borrower FAQs

Can I obtain finance through CODE Investing?
Business Finance: Creditworthy businesses, from a broad range of sectors, can borrow through CODE Investing. Ideally you’ll have capital requirements of between £500,000 and £20,000,000 and revenues in excess of £1,000,000.

Real Estate Finance: If you are borrowing through a limited company, have a solid real estate project and require £500,000 or more for investment, development or bridging, you can borrow through CODE Investing.

What fees will I pay?
Fees will depend on your requirements and the lender you choose. We will help you select the most suitable cost package.
How do I get started?
It’s simple, whether you’re applying for business finance or real estate finance, just enter your basic details.
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 CODE Investing is not a lender, it is a debt marketplace.