The Clearwell Bond One

10% annual interest (gross)

Three year term

Up to £1.5 million raise

Secured by a debenture in the plc and its loan assets

About Clearwell

Clearwell is a growing business which specialises in supplying “mezzanine” finance to small and medium sized residential property developers. All of Clearwell’s development loans are secured with a charge on the property.

Since its first development loan in May 2013, Clearwell has provided £7.15m in finance to support the construction of 204 homes in 26 separate projects across the UK. Of these projects, 13 are now complete and loans repaid with interest. This equates to a total profit of £1.2m and a money on invested capital of 1.35x or 31% IRR. Clearwell expects to make a profit on all other outstanding loans.

Why Clearwell?

Investing in the Clearwell Bond One, offers returns to the Investor, Developers, and Society as a whole. With interest rates at a historic low, the Clearwell Bond offers investors an opportunity to benefit from high returns on a diversified portfolio of secured loans.

By investing in the Clearwell Bond One, you are supporting small and medium sized housebuilders.