CrowdBnk is now known as Code Investing

by Sep 27, 2016CODE Investing News

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Today CrowdBnk becomes Code Investing

Code Investing - the new name for CrowdBnk

Many of you will have noticed that we have changed our name from CrowdBnk to Code investing, here’s some of the reasons why

We have evolved

From our humble beginnings as one of the first UK crowdfunding platforms launching back in 2013 we’ve seen a lot of changes. And during that time we have evolved and adapted to meet those changing needs.

Investing in successful high growth businesses alongside our discerning group of investors has always been a central part of what we do, and an important part of what makes us different from other alternative finance companies.

Nowadays the term crowdfunding has come to mean so many different things, from charity fundraising to reward based raises for seed capital. Some people even use crowdfunding to fund their further education or for a personal loan.

Code Investing better reflects who we are and what we do

Our focus on supporting proven small businesses seeking larger sums of growth capital, means we no longer feel the name CrowdBnk is fully representative of what we do and the services we provide.

We have never been a bank and neither do we wish to emulate their position. Banks are just one source of capital for SMEs amongst a diverse pool of sources we are able to tap into, ranging from individuals to institutions – including banks.

One of the reasons we chose the new name Code Investing is because it reflects the relationship we have with small businesses.  Investment, both in terms of money and the continued support we give to SMEs is at the heart of what we do, and now it is an integral part of our name.

The new name also reflects our position as facilitators, enabling institutions and individual investors to CO-Invest in Debt and Equity alongside Code Investing. We continue to invest alongside investors and we champion the value that investment brings to small businesses.

Has anything changed other than the name?

In short – yes, we have ploughed a significant amount of time and effort into improving the platform so we can focus more on growth capital raises of £1M or more.

There are plenty of crowdfunding options for very small businesses looking for seed or first round funding.  But small to medium enterprises looking for larger sums of growth capital still struggle to get funding via more traditional methods.

We’ve seen how the alternative finance market is evolving and we believe there are a significant number of small and medium, high growth businesses that are not being provided with adequate support.  Many crowdfunding platforms just don’t have the infrastructure or stringent enough due diligence processes to support significantly larger raises.

As Code Investing, we have a much stronger focus on growth capital through debt for companies that have funding needs of £1M and above. Our vetting processes combine industry best practices with the effective use of technology to ensure both rigor and efficiency. Put simply, we help strong SMEs raise larger amounts of capital faster, without cutting corners or charging exorbitant fees.

We have made it our goal to continue to support SMEs across a diverse range of sectors, so they can raise funds using the most appropriate method for their business as quickly and easily as possible.

The name may be different but our core values are the same

Our mission remains – to be the leading marketplace for SME growth capital.

We’re proud of our ability to find and support the best SMEs out there. Thanks to our supportive Bootcamp procedure, businesses continue to go on to our platform vetted, prepared and investor ready.

Our marketplace remains one of the best in the UK, offering what we believe to be transparent and fair terms to SMEs in need of growth capital, and of course, we are still FCA regulated. We will continue to connect quality, high growth SMEs with intelligent investors looking for diversification and return.

If you have any queries about our rebrand please get in touch.

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