Crowdfunded Breezie’s Award Nomination

by Jun 15, 2016Success Stories

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Crrowdfunding success story, Breezie’s nomination for a 2016 Digital Leaders 100 Award

Crowdfunding success Breezie nominated for an award

Breezie, a digital solution that helps people who struggle with the internet become more comfortable using it, have been nominated for their Bridging the Digital Divide project.

Their innovative, tablet-based solution lets businesses and institutions caring for older people deliver services, while giving their clients access to the financial, social and health benefits available online.

Breezie first came to CrowdBnk in 2014 aiming to raise £252,000 to support and expand their business further. With our support and through an extremely successful campaign, we helped them raise over £600,000.

The venture also attracted a great deal of attention and collaboration from a wide range of organizations including Samsung, Google, Age UK, the NHS, Harvard Medical, and AARP (American Association of Retired Persons).

Since then Breezie have been going from strength to strength winning Bronze in the Digital Devices division of the Aging Awards for their software – great news for CrowdBnk’s crowd of investors. Earlier this year they were nominated for Digital Leaders’ Cross-Sector Digital Collaboration of the Year.

Digital Leaders 100 Awards

Digital Leaders is a UK-wide Digital Transformation initiative formed for the promotion of digital know-how, thought leadership and sharing best practice around Digital Transformation.

The DL100 Awards which will be held in Central London tonight, will honour the highest achievements from the past year, celebrating teams and individuals who are leading the way within the digital space in the UK.

Breezie’s nomination is for their involvement in the “Bridging the Divide” project, an initiative formed in conjunction with the Supporting Communities charitable organisation in Northern Ireland. Their key objective was to use Breezie’s software to encourage tenants’ use of digital technology and the Internet.

We wish Breezie the best of luck tonight and hope they can add this to their awards cabinet!

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