Investing via CODE Investing puts your capital at risk. Please click here to read the full Risk Warning.

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Clearwell Bond Two

Property development finance provider

10% Gross AER

Now Over-funding

HAB Mini Bond

Invest in Kevin McCloud’s property development company

8% Gross AER

Now fully funded

Clearwell Capital Group

Property development finance provider

10% Gross AER

Now fully funded

Hambledon Vineyard

England’s Oldest Vineyard

Over £3.5 million raised

Now fully funded

The Innis & Gunn Beer Bond

Scotland’s leading Craft Brewer

£3 million raised through its BeerBond

Now fully funded

* percentage of businesses that raised successfully on our site 2016

Business Owners

Discover how raising funds with us gives you:

Greater certainty of funding

Broad choice of bespoke solutions

Lower costs of capital & transaction

Fast, transparent processes

Institutional Investors

Join a network of smart investors & benefit from:

Rigorous qualification of SMEs (less than 20% pass our criteria)

Access to vetted, pre-qualified businesses

Alignment of interests (we invest too)

Greater value businesses and higher returns

The leading marketplace for SME growth capital

Matching successful growing businesses with institutional investors, so everyone gets a chance to profit.

CODE Investing is one of the UK’s leading alternative investment platforms. We allow high performing businesses to raise growth capital via our exclusive investor network.

We differ from crowdfunding platforms because we have a vested interest in the businesses that raise with us – we aim to invest in every successfully funded company.

It means that as a business, you know we will do our utmost to ensure your raise is successful. As an investor, you can trust that every investment opportunity we offer has passed a rigorous due diligence process.

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Investment opportunities


The BeerBond - Offering an interest rate of 7.25% (Gross) per annum in cash or BeerBucks rewards
Raised: £3,070,000.00
Target: £3,000,000.00
Days to go: Completed

London Based Hospitality Group

Debt facility for a London Based Hospitality Group looking to expand their footprint and grow the business
Raised: £25,000,000.00
Target: £25,000,000.00
Days to go: Completed

Clearwell Bond Two

Second Mini bond to finance small property developers
Raised: £375,000.00
Target: £250,000.00
Days to go: Completed

The smarter way to raise capital

Speed and efficiency

Traditional financial institutions are often slow, inflexible and expensive. We understand how important it is to receive funds quickly in order to grow your business.

CODE Investing’s professional and experienced Bootcamp team are adept at helping businesses become vetted and credible investment opportunities. Our efficient processes mean it can take only a few weeks to make a business investor-ready.

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The smarter way to invest

Integrity and Transparency

Our platform gives you access to in-depth information about the companies in our portfolio. Once you register with CODE Investing you can download business plans, review presentations, and connect directly with business owners both online or in person.

All the details and figures of opportunities we offer are based on verified data. As an investor with CODE, you can trust that we have vetted every business before you see it, enabling you to make intelligent investment decisions.

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* Capital at risk

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