Institutional Investors

Invest in high growth firms that offer you higher potential returns.

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How to invest

We source, select and screen quality opportunities for you to invest in.


As an Institutional investor there are three simple ways you can invest with CODE:

Institutional investors can bid for loans

Direct investment in loans
You can bid on a loan that is offered in whole or in part. You choose the business, the risk coupon and the duration that best suits your investment needs.

We enable institutional investors to diversify their portfolio across multiple sectors

Portfolio investment (pooled investment)
If you prefer to invest in a diversified portfolio of loans, your investment will be deployed across our portfolio of pre-selected opportunities. You will own a portion of each loan in our portfolio.

Tailored investment plans for Institutional investors

Warehouse fund (line of credit for CODE to invest)
If you would rather invest across a wide range of loans with your OWN criteria, CODE Investing will work with you to determine how we allocate your funds.

You define your investor profile by pre-selecting the type of company, sector, return, and maturity profile you prefer. We then apportion your funds to each investment for you.

Why invest with us

We analyse, run due diligence checks and screen every loan opportunity for quality, so you can invest with greater confidence.

Access to thousands of SMEs

We have access to 5,000 SMES and a steady pipeline of £150,000,000 of lending

We rate each opportunity to make it easier for institutional investors

We evaluate and rate risk level and potential returns

Each SME goes through stringent credit analysis

Every business goes through stringent credit analysis as part of CODE’s investment process

Our Credit Committee vets every loan

Every loan is vetted by an experienced Credit Committee

The Code Investing investment process

Step 1 Application to raise funds

Origination – All businesses are pre-screened against loan maturity and size metrics to ensure we only consider suitable candidates.

We screen the business based on financial data from external databases (Scores & Decisions) and Companies House.

Step 2 Evaluating your business proposal

In-depth due diligence (underwriting) – We combine technology with industry best practices to generate a credit assessment and vet the business.

Our team of financial professionals will assess the company and its prospects (activity, market, financial situation etc). They confirm the eligibility of the company and advise on structuring and pricing.

Credit Committee review – The results of our due diligence and credit process are passed on to our Credit Committee for approval. A decision is then made on pricing and terms if approved.

Investment – We produce relevant legal and investor documents, and confirm compliance for the offer before it proceeds to our auction platform ready for institutional investment.

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve our goals via traditional funding routes and I hope our experience encourages other SMEs to consider crowdfunding as a viable alternative source of finance. Ben O'Brien

Founder, Sourced Market

Code Investing was a trusted advisor for us, throughout our entire process. Their well-established network and due diligence process made us feel confident that we had made the right choice in crowdfunding platform.

Jeh Kazimi

Founder, Breezie

It’s been a pleasure working with the Code Investing team – very diligent and professional. A great model and benchmark for the crowdfunding process in the UK.

Adam James

Co-Founder and MD, Smart Surgical

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