Institutional investors

Invest in businesses matching your sector and risk appetite

CODE Investing for Institutions

The marketplace that facilitates institutional lending to SMEs

Origination to Spec

Cost-effectively lend to SMEs using your own credit criteria.

Speed to market

Lend to SMEs without having to invest in costly infrastructure.


Access businesses across all, or your choice of sectors.


Gain SME-level returns without the full administrative burden.

Strong controls

In-house credit assessment and analysis from professionals.

How we deliver returns to you

Borrower acquisition

Borrower acquisition

We source, and screen SME borrowers, matching them to lenders’ investment and risk criteria.

Borrower acquisition

Credit analysis

Our experienced credit analysis team assess every business. We use a strict due diligence process tailored to our lending partners’ specifications.

Borrower acquisition

Post transaction

CODE’s technology can integrate with borrower systems to identify red flags early.

Why partner with us

 Rigorous due diligence

Streamlined processes

Excellent service

We give institutional investors access to the SME lending market. Our custom-designed technology enables us to streamline processes, giving a fast, efficient service to borrowers without compromising our rigorous credit assessment

Engaging with CODE Investing

Contact us directly and we’ll get in touch to discuss your preferred method of investment.