Partnering with CODE Investing

Get the best, most cost-effective finance for your clients through our diverse network of lenders. 

Good for your client, good for you

We partner with investment and commercial banks, specialist lenders, leading asset managers, and institutional, private and pension funds. This gives your clients access to a greater variety of lenders, many of whom are otherwise unavailable to SMEs. Greater choice of lender in turn gives your client a greater choice of terms, structuring and price.

Rewarding Partnerships

We look to foster long term partnerships with finance brokers and professional advisors through our open and efficient processes.

Procuration fees vary from lender to lender but once your client has opted for a particular package then the split of any fees will be agreed with you in advance.

Contact us now and find out how you can partner with us and support your client’s finance aspirations.

The Code Investing Process

Loan process


You input basic details online on behalf of your client.



Our matching engine identifies potential lenders for your client’s business needs.


Our Onboarding Team help your client develop your proposal and guides them through the due diligence process.


We share your client’s proposal and our due diligence report with matching lenders and work closely with all parties to find the best finance option. Our team will work alongside your client and their chosen lender through to completion.

Funding Options

Finance options

Types of debt financing your client can use:




Mini-bonds, raising funds directly from the public

Your client’s business

Ideally your client’s business should have:

Capital requirements of between £1,000,000 and £20,000,000

Revenues in excess of £1,000,000

Up-to-date accounts


Help your clients secure finance for their business

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