Invest in high growth businesses

We source, select, and screen high growth business opportunities that offer higher potential returns for institutional investors.

Why invest with CODE Investing

CODE Investing’s alternative finance platform helps you to invest in qualified, high growth UK businesses via debt capital.

Tough selection criteria for businesses looking for funding

Tough selection criteria

Before being selected, each opportunity is subjected to rigorous analysis.

Our investment specialists assess and evaluate each business against our own strict criteria before it can pass into our Bootcamp.

Our due diligence process checks are made on every business applying for funding

Rigorous due diligence process

During CODE Investing’s Bootcamp process, we confirm that the business is robust and that its claims are valid. Our highly experienced team ensure that all business opportunities presented to you are professionally vetted.

Registered investors are given access to high growth businesses only

Access to growth businesses

CODE Investing provides our registered investors with investment opportunities in businesses that pass our rigorous selection and due diligence process.

It means you know the extensive preliminary checks have all been done for you.

We provide investors with information so you can make educated decisions

Excellent service & transparency

CODE Investing provides you with the information we believe you will need to decide on an investment offer, both online and offline.

Our goal for every raise is to ensure you can make an informed decision so you can invest with greater confidence.

No investor fees

We don’t charge you to register, we don’t charge you to invest, and we don’t take a cut from any interest payments you receive.

Opportunity to diversify

CODE Investing offers you product, sector and geographic diversification. We are industry-agnostic*, so you can invest across a wide range of businesses.

*excluding pornography, weapons, & military defence

The CODE Investing investment process

Step 1 Application to raise funds

All businesses are pre-screened against maturity and size metrics to ensure we only consider suitable candidates.

Step 2 Evaluating your business proposal

We combine technology with industry best practices to generate a credit assessment and vet the business. Our team of financial professionals also use their extensive experience to advise on structuring and pricing.

The results of the diligence process are passed on to our Credit Committee before a decision is made on pricing and terms. Any identified areas requiring further investigation are fed back to the diligence team for follow-up before approval

We produce relevant legal and investor documents, and confirm compliance for the offer. It then goes live on our platform where you, as a registered investor can review and invest in the opportunity.

How to invest with CODE Investing

It’s free to register as an investor with CODE Investing, giving you access to a wide range of debt investment offers.

It's free to register as an investor with Code Investing

Register as an investor

Our investor registration process is quick and easy. We’ll ask you a few questions about how you want to invest with us before emailing you confirming your registration is complete.

Find qualified SME businesses to invest in

Find opportunities to invest in

View our current opportunities offering higher potential returns on the investment opportunities page.

From there you can view individual business profile pages, review raise details, and download investment documents.

Invest online with Code Investing's secure & robust platform

Invest online

When you have chosen an opportunity you want to invest in, click the ‘Invest’ button on the profile page of the business.

You will be taken step by step through a clear investment process before any funds are transferred.

Benefit from your long-term investments

Investment in early-stage businesses involves high risk, including the possibility that you could lose all your capital. Nevertheless, young companies, as an asset class, have produced significantly higher returns than others in the past.
With a diversified portfolio, you have the potential to grow your capital significantly more through early-stage investments than, for example, government bonds, property or quoted shares.*

Return on investment

* According to a comprehensive NESTA study, startups provided a greater average annualised total return over the period 2002 to 2007 compared to gilts, property, stocks and shares. The research analysed 1,080 early-stage investments made between 1998 and 2008, and it showed an overall internal rate of return of 22%. On this basis, an early-stage business might be an interesting investment opportunity as part of a diversified portfolio.

We wouldn’t have been able to achieve our goals via traditional funding routes and I hope our experience encourages other SMEs to consider crowdfunding as a viable alternative source of finance. Ben O'Brien

Founder, Sourced Market

CODE Investing was a trusted advisor for us, throughout our entire process. Their well-established network and due diligence process made us feel confident that we had made the right choice in crowdfunding platform.

Jeh Kazimi

Founder, Breezie

It’s been a pleasure working with the CODE Investing team – very diligent and professional. A great model and benchmark for the crowdfunding process in the UK.

Adam James

Co-Founder and MD, Smart Surgical

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