Lender FAQs

We aim to answer any questions you may have for us about becoming a lending partner with CODE Investing. Please contact us if you have any further queries.

Lender FAQs

How do you match me to suitable businesses?
We source, and screen SME borrowers, matching them to lenders’ investment and risk criteria.
What type of companies will I be lending to?

With CODE Investing you will be lending to rigorously vetted businesses seeking loans of between £500,000 and £20,000,000.

Does CODE undertake its own due diligence?

Yes, should you wish to pass on some of the responsibility to us, we have highly experienced ex-bankers from lending and Credit divisions to ensure high deal standards.

How are responsibilities shared between a lender and CODE?

However you like. We have some lenders who simply want us to identify potential borrowers and compile initial information and others who rely on us to undertake due diligence, issue documentation and monitor borrowers for the lifetime of the loan. We shall be delighted to accommodate your requirements.

Will CODE spread deals thinly across its lending panel?

No. We use our lenders’ own preferences to determine the best fit for each deal. A targeted panel referral is in everyone’s best interests.

How do I contact CODE to discuss a potential partnership?

Please get in touch via the email on our Contact Us page

How does CODE decide which lender to place a potential transaction with?

We use the lender’s own criteria to select a matching borrowing request. If there is more than one lender that could potentially provide finance to a borrower we will pass on all the offers to the borrower and let them decide. CODE does not give any sort of priority to one lender over another.


What type of lenders does CODE partner with?

CODE partners with any type of lender, irrespective of their target audience, lending criteria, or risk appetite.


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