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Whether you are a high net worth, sophisticated or retail investor, support UK businesses by investing in growing SMEs that offer you higher potential returns.

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Hab Mini Bond

Invest in Kevin McCloud’s property development company

8% Gross AER

Fully funded, £2.4 million raised

London Property Investment

Invest in a Central London property development

80% of rental profits paid annually

Now funding

The Cotswolds Distillery

Ultra-premium whisky and gin

Maximum target of £1,001,000 reached

Hambledon Vineyard

England’s Oldest Vineyard

Over £3.5 million raised

How to Invest

We source, select and screen a diverse range of businesses offering you quality debt investment opportunities.

Investing is simple:

Setup your account

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Review investment offers

Our due diligence processes mean that we only show you businesses that have passed our stringent vetting procedures.

Start investing

Choose an opportunity, transfer funds to your account and get investing.

Ways to Invest

We offer a wide range of product, sector and geographically located investment opportunities.

Investing in SMEs always involves an element of risk*.  Our experienced investment specialists carefully review every funding application and only allow credible, established and high growth businesses to pass through our Bootcamp process.

One of the most effective ways to manage risk is diversification. Our pre-selected and heavily vetted opportunities allow you to diversify across a wide range of business sectors and investment types with greater peace of mind.

* Investing in early stage businesses involves risks, including illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of your investment and dilution and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio.

Benefits of debt investing

Debt investing:

  • Mini bond opportunities often offer larger investment possibilities than equity and may be a preferred choice if you have a large sum to invest
  • Mini bonds can offer a higher return than other less risky investments such as cash or government bonds*
  • Mini bonds pay you regular and preset returns (coupons) until the bond term ends and your investment is returned to you*
  • If secured, you may benefit from having a claim on some of the borrowers’ asset. This can provide some security against potential capital losses

* Mini bonds carry a higher risk of default than government and other types of corporate bonds.

Why invest with us

Our goal is to ensure you can make a better informed decision, so you can invest with greater confidence.

Tough selection criteria for businesses looking for funding

Tough selection criteria

Before being selected, every opportunity is subjected to a thorough and rigorous analysis.

Our investment specialists assess and evaluate each business against our own strict criteria before it can pass into our Bootcamp.

Our due diligence process checks are made on every business applying for funding

Rigorous due diligence process

During CODE Investing’s Bootcamp process, we confirm that the business is robust and that its claims are valid.

Our highly experienced team ensure that all business opportunities presented to you are professionally vetted.

We provide investors with information so you can make educated decisions

Excellent service & transparency

CODE Investing provides you with the information we believe you need to decide on an investment offer.

We ensure the structure of each investment and its potential return are clear, transparent and simple – and you won’t be charged any investor fees.

The CODE Investing investment process

Step 1 Application to raise funds

All businesses are pre-screened against maturity and size metrics to ensure we only consider suitable candidates.

Step 2 Evaluating your business proposal

We combine technology with industry best practices to generate a credit assessment and vet the business. Our team of financial professionals also use their extensive experience to advise on structuring and pricing.

The results of the diligence process are passed on to our Credit Committee who decide whether to proceed with the investment offer. Any identified areas requiring further investigation are fed back to the diligence team for follow-up before approval

We produce relevant legal and investor documents, and confirm compliance for the offer. It then goes live on our platform where you, as a registered investor can review and invest in the opportunity.

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