RationalFX partners with CODE Investing

by Mar 2, 2018CODE Investing News

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RationalFX, a leading UK payments and Foreign Exchange Provider partners with CODE Investing.

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With over $14bn worth of FX traded daily, London is the world’s largest FX trading centre and it’s here that two entrepreneurs Rajesh Agrawal (now Deputy Mayor of Business) and Paresh Davdra took advantage of a gap in the Forex market and set up a leading UK payments and foreign exchange provider – RationalFX.

With over a decade of foreign exchange experience combined with dynamic entrepreneurialism, RationalFX has become a multi-million-pound company that makes it easy for businesses to transfer foreign currency online 24/7, and for private customers to manage payments overseas.

This year RationalFX has partnered with CODE Investing to offer their FX services direct to CODE clients.

“RationalFX are excited about our new partnership with Code Investing” said Sean Doherty, Corporate Dealer at RationalFX. “This partnership will enable Code Investing to provide another service to their clients and help us deliver on our mission statement of helping people minimise their currency risk when making international money transfers.”

RationalFX believe their expert market knowledge and competitive pricing enables them to give business and individual clients greater control over the impact of currency volatility, helping turn currency risk into a competitive advantage.

  • Rational FX has transferred over $10billion in payments
  • RationalFX is set to turnover $1.7billion
  • Served over 80,000 private client and business customers
  • 2005 by CEO & Co-Founders Paresh Davdra & Rajesh Agrawal

To do this they work with their clients to devise and execute hedging programmes that help them define when, how much and how far forward to buy currency. This is in order to manage the impact exchange rate volatility has on their own profit margins, cash flow and ability to buy or sell goods at competitive prices.

RationalFX’s approach is supported by their client’s growth, evidence-based strategies, pioneering technology and a selection of key features that not only protect business bottom line, but can also work responsibly over the long term to enhance it.

They see themselves as an alternative to the global banks and carry the promise of a better world for any business facing currency uncertainty.

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