Finance for your real estate business

Use our diverse lending options to secure the best finance for your business.

Faster, easier real estate finance

You already have enough on your plate in managing your investment and development projects without finance adding further strain.

CODE will source the best investment and development loans from across the market. This allows you to focus on property interests with the peace of mind that you have the most cost-effective and best-fitting credit lines.

The best financial fit

CODE has extensive real estate lenders on its panel with appetite for:

    🗸  Buy to let

    🗸  Commercial mortgages

    🗸  Development & refurbishment finance

    🗸  Stretched debt

    🗸  Bridging

    🗸  Mezzanine

Why CODE for real estate finance?

real estate finance

We love real estate

We know each project has its own unique characteristics and can’t simply be made to fit an industry template. So, while we use technology to assess and match you with the best lenders, humans are also paying your proposal personal attention.

real estate finance lenders

Access to our lender marketplace

We’ve worked on the banking side, so we know which lenders will work best for each individual project and how to talk to them.  We constantly update our lending panel with new arrivals and gauge who is hungriest.

Fill out the brief initial form and we’ll pick up the phone to get to know you and your real estate needs better.

The CODE Investing process

business finance Loan process


You or your advisor input basic details online.



Our matching engine identifies potential lenders for your business needs.


Our Onboarding Team helps you develop your proposal and guide you through the due diligence process.


We share your proposal and our due diligence report with matching lenders and work closely with all parties to find the best finance option. Our team work alongside you and your chosen lender through to completion.

Borrower FAQs

Can I obtain finance through CODE Investing?

If you are borrowing through a limited company, have a solid real estate project and require £500,000 or more for investment, development or bridging, you can borrow through CODE Investing.

What fees will I pay?
Fees will depend on your requirements and the lender you choose. We will help you select the most suitable cost package.
How do I get started?

It’s simple, just enter your basic details.

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