Treating Customers Fairly

Committed to treating our customers fairly

At CODE investing, we are committed to offering our customers the highest possible standards of service.  In so doing we are pleased to support the Financial Services Authority initiative ‘Treating Customers Fairly’.

We recognise that our customers, intermediaries and ourselves have everything to gain if we look after your best interests and treat you fairly in all aspects of our dealings with you.


Our commitment to you

We will:

  • Provide clear information about the products and service we offer, including fees and charges
  • Ascertain our customers and business’s needs, preferences and circumstances before proposing suitable products
  • Not differentiate between different types of customer and intermediaries
  • Only propose a product if we can source one suitable
  • Market products and services in the business finance sector that are designed to meet the individual needs of our customers
  • As we don’t offer advice ensure that sufficient information is provided to a level of detail and is organised and structured in such a way that our customers should be able to decide for themselves which if any products may suit their circumstances
  • Encourage our customers to ask if there’s something they don’t understand
  • Give access to a formal complaints procedure should our customers become unhappy with our service


 How you can help us

To help us give our customers the most appropriate advice, we will ask them to:

  • Tell us as much as possible about our customers’ business and its finances, to enable us to properly assess how much they can afford.
  • Let us know about any potential risks that might affect our customers’ ability to repay a loan.
  • Let us know if there is any aspect of our service, or of a product we have discussed or recommended that they don’t understand.
  • Tell us if they think there are ways we can improve our service.


Thank you for choosing CODE Investing.

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