Unsecured loans of up to £5m

by Nov 22, 2018Small Business News, Small Business Tips & Advice

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Unsecured loans of up to £5,000,000 with no personal guarantees or security needed are hard to come by, which means we’re being kept very busy.

Unsecured loans for SMEs

The process of applying for a business loan as a business owner or an intermediary can be slow and laborious, with no guarantee of funding at the end of it.

Added to that, loans that don’t require some form of security or personal guarantees are as rare as hen’s teeth.

A significant proportion of small UK businesses – around 34 000 companies according to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (November 2017) Statistical Release – are not having their financing needs properly addressed.

P2P lending and crowdfunding have covered the early stage equity fundraising market and banks are far more comfortable lending the much larger entities. But where does that leave those not so small and medium sized businesses?

Sourcing loans is especially problematic for SMEs requiring sums of £500k plus. Traditional high street banks are reticent to lend to many SMEs, especially if the business in question has little or nothing in the way of solid assets to use as security.

Unsecured loans

It’s SMEs who fall into this funding gap that we want to help. By partnering with a range of institutions, we’re able to offer loans previously inaccessible to SMEs and intermediaries.

What we’re most excited about by far, are the unsecured loans we now offer.

Unsecured loan terms

  • No Security – no Warrants, Personal Guarantees or Debentures
  • Leverage up to 4x (Net Debt/EBITDA)
  • Fixed Rate – as low as 6%
  • Repayment Profile – up to 8 years
  • Simple Process – no legal or third party financial due diligence
  • Fast Turnaround – 30 days*
  • Arrangement Fee – flat £20,000 per transaction

We’ve already helped many SMEs by facilitating over £50M of growth debt funding. With another £500M ready to deploy to UK SMEs via a broad range of loan options, we have the means to fuel business growth where it’s most needed now.

You can find out if your business is eligible by filling in your details here now and we’ll contact you with the full borrower criteria and advise you on how to apply.

Other Business Loans

In addition to unsecured loans, we offer several alternative finance options  through various institutional partners. From asset based lending and bridging to property debt or structured finance, we have the means to support your business aspirations.

You can find out more about the different options here or make an enquiry now and we’ll talk through the best option for you.

* Subject to receipt of all required information, including but not limited to, three years historical financials, up-to-date management accounts / MI, forecasts (or integrated financial model) and business plan.

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